Ok, so I have a thing for the library. I’m one of those people who, whenever I move to a new suburb, I always sign up at the local library. My move to Williamstown meant that, again I was searching for the library, and was happy when I discovered it about a two minute walk from my home. I’ve also just found out that it is a quite new addition to Williamstown, which makes sense, given the building feels new, the fit out modern and thoughtful.

Turns out, this is my favourite library so far in my local library repertoire. I’ve spent a bit of time there over the last week and enjoyed different spaces throughout the building. The sun shines in at the rear of the building in the morning and gradually the automated blinds make their way down to cover the windows, yet still allow enough light for a comfortable ambiance. There are tables scattered throughout, with comfy chairs and large table tops to work efficiently. The kids area is located away from the study area and is spacious and creative. Books are easily accessible as are the computers and iPads at child height. Cute little cubby holes make for fun places for the kids to hang out and make for an interesting facade on the outside of the building. There’s a private, quiet study area upstairs which is a good place to escape from busy traffic areas downstairs. A huge timber wrap around deck at the front of the building creates an inviting entrance and place to sit and read if the sun is out. A huge beautiful tree stands where the timber meets the pavement.

The library provides hours of entertainment for the kids (and adults), I found it’s a good resource for the kids school reading and initial research for projects. There’s an extensive selection of DVD’s, the service is good and you can borrow and return at the self service desks. Transfers from other Hobson Bay libraries are pretty quick, only taking a couple of days.

As a part of my commitment to embracing a more minimalist lifestyle, using the library fits perfectly with my philosophy. Borrow and return, keep up to date with new publications, save money, reduce clutter.

Winter Sunset


It’s not often that I’m out down at the local beach in winter. So happens, yesterday I was wasting time in between pick ups of the kids and thought I’d take that scenic drive around the foreshore of Willi, along the strand, Nelson Place, Battery Road, into Morris Street and then along the Esplanade. It was about 5.30pm and the sun was setting in such a glorious way over the water, the few palm tree silhouettes and the green expanse of parkland. I know sunsets do the rounds and can get boring on social media. There is however a calmness about them. The close of a long day, reflection, mindful, a moment that creeps up and passing oh so quickly. Possibly an analogy for life really. Years pass, children grow, we age and life continues on, memories remain. One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve experienced was on a small island in the Philippines, Boracay. Where was yours?